Fristam Double Screw Pump – Meat slurry

Fristam Double Screw Pump – Tomato paste

Fristam Double Screw Pump – Cheese dosing

Fristam Double Screw Pump – Coconut jelly cube

Fristam Powder Mixer trial with milk powder

Mixing of liquid with powder or granules applications – Fristam Powder Mixer

Suction of low viscous product (water) – Fristam rotary lobe pump FL 3

Disassemble animation – Fristam centrifugal pump FPE

Sanitary Pumps

Fristam is one of the most accessible equipment companies in the world. Fristam’s dedication and quality service do not end with your initial purchase.

Diaphragm Pumps

Graco Pumps are a well known, reliable pump, shrinking maintenance intervals and reducing the nasty surprise of an interruption in production.


Single source of personal care processing technology from pumps to processing equipment and complete plant.

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